intelligent design with clean navigation

Today's world is filled with many great programs that make it much easier to create and build websites. So now, more then ever, people are jumping into the web design game. Let's face it, everybody has a relative or friend that "can build websites". The problem with these programs, while making it easier to design, is that they add bulky, excessive code and unstable html which leads to problems with future site updates and viewing on different computers. I build my websites by hand, which cuts down on the html for "clean code" and allows for much quicker load times.

Navigation is also extremely important. It needs to be straight-forward and easily accessible. If your site is "deep", meaning dozens or hundreds of pages, then navigation needs to allow for this with sub menus or popout links. Sites that you get lost in or go 5 pages deep and can't find the first page you were on are not set up properly. The navigation is the heart of the site and needs to be designed that way.

database development for liquid content

In the days of the hard-coded or "static" websites, you would print out a company phone number on thirty different pages. What happened when you would then need to change that number? You would have to go to all thirty pages and edit them, a major pain in the neck and quite inefficient. With a MySQL database, your content is "liquid" and easily editable. You don't need to have that phone number printed out thirty different times, you just need to put it in your database once and access that on those thirty pages. The database coupled with PHP programming allow for truly dynamic and cuttting edge websites.

custom software applications for content management systems for any need

Today people want more control over the content on their website without having to bother the designer to update their page. With PHP programming I can create dynamic applications for any need. If you want to update your home page with news or have a calendar that can be updated with company events, you can do this easily from any computer in the world, all you need is an internet connection. I will create a "back office" administration area that you access with a web browser and in which you can update news, a calendar, check contact lists, send an email or create or moderate a poll. Whatever you want to do, it's all at the touch of your fingers.

professional graphics, logos & photo editing

Images on the web are displayed at only 72dpi. Unfortunately, this does not always allow for richly detailed pictures. In order for a website to function perfectly, the images need to optimized down so that the file size is small but the picture quality does not suffer. This can often be a fine line but with experience I have been able to develop a nice balance. I can also create custom logos for your company or your website. The logos are developed at high resolution so they may also be used for company letterhead and business cards.

site maintenance

If your budget does not allow for a fully dynamic site but you still need to occassionally update your content, I also offer site maintenance at a competitive rate. You would just need to send in an email covering the changes and the update will be done quickly and efficiently. When a site is well designed, maintenance is hassle-free and relatively quick.

competitive pricing

Even in today's economy a dynamic, fully functional website can cost over $25,000. At KF Designs I try to fit within your budget at a cost well below the industry standard. Every site is unique and needs to be well planned out and designed to optimize your vision and the site's potential. If you would like a quote please fill out the contact form and I will respond as soon as possible.

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